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How to Create a Hamptons Style Home Design in Australia

When you’re looking to build a new home, you may have heard of Hampton’s style home designs. This American-inspired design has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. This coastal style is characterised by wide windows and a neutral colour palette reminiscent of the ocean. 

Hamptons Style Home

In addition, the Hamptons style incorporates a wide variety of natural materials, including timber, which provide a breezy, airy feel. One way to add height to your space is to expose the roof’s trusses, which is a classic Hamptons feature. Adding skylights will help bring in natural light, while white walls allow the wood to stand out.


For exterior cladding, choose light material, like weatherboard or fibre cement. Both are low-maintenance and can provide a unique look. The two materials offer excellent insulation, keeping your home cooler in the Summer and warmer during the winter. A white house with finials on its gables will stand out. 

While a white exterior cladding is the traditional Hamptons look, Australians often prefer to use pale grey or blue cladding on their homes. In addition to white paint, you can also incorporate wood moulding on the exteriors. You can also use a standing seam copper, artificial slate, or Boral black tiled roofing material for roofs.

A Hamptons style fence will feature horizontal slats. Picket fences are also popular in this style. It should be white or pale grey and no higher than 1.8 metres so as not to obstruct the view. The fence should also be in keeping with the home’s overall proportions.

While many of the Hamptons style homes are located on the shores of Long Island, Australians are increasingly interested in replicating the look in their backyard. Not only are Australians drawn to the relaxed coastal lifestyle, but many American expatriates have made Australia their base. 

Architects are reporting a growing interest in the Hamptons style. James Hardie’s weatherboard-mimicking material Scyon has transformed fibro shacks into cheery beach cottages and brick veneer homes.


The interiors of Hamptons style homes require a thoughtful approach. The style emphasises natural finishes and simplicity. Adding a balanced amount of soft-toned cabinetry and raw-timber flooring creates an open plan living space that is bright and airy. Choosing jute rugs and white Venetian blinds to highlight these elements will complete the look. If your interior design has a Hamptons feel, you’ll find the right accents to complement the style.

Hamptons Style Home

A family home in southern Sydney has been given a Hamptons style makeover. With a new gable roof and weatherboards, this Hamptons-style home emphasises indoor-outdoor living. A modern Hamptons style home also looks like a home with the best of both worlds. Hamptons style homes aren’t just for the rich and famous, though. These are homes for families and retirees alike, so they don’t need to be incredibly luxurious.

The interiors of a Hamptons-style home should reflect the same feel as the rest of the house. It should have plenty of comfortable furniture and accessories, ample cushions, white or glass coffee tables, and a beach-style feel. White or glass side tables and coffee tables are also a must, as they enhance the casual ambience and encourage natural light. Also, white Venetian blinds are a good choice for privacy and maximising the house’s amount of light. Light-coloured decorative carpets are acceptable but should not cover the wooden floors.

Popularity of the Style

The Hamptons style is also increasingly popular in Australia, where homebuyers are attracted to the relaxed beachside atmosphere and coastal lifestyle. The Hamptons look is a timeless style, thanks to its combination of classic design elements and carefully curated aesthetics. The Hamptons-style home design evokes a laid-back beach vibe, and the interiors of these homes are often characterised by spacious, light spaces, high ceilings, and muted colour palettes.

American home designs have long been a popular choice in Australia, and they are still among the most popular. The American Cape Cod house style is trendy among Australian homebuyers, as it’s the most affordable of the American styles. While it’s not as widely spread in Australia as in the United States, it’s a timeless design, and many homeowners are turning to it as their dream home.

Nautical imagery is a great way to add nautical vibes for a coastal touch. Whale-tail shaped hooks, made from wood or metal, are functional and help you keep your space organised. They’ll also add a decorative touch to your home. In addition to books and accessories, a Hamptons style home will also feature a traditional claw-foot bath and ornate country-style tapware.

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