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Kitchen Island Ideas – Choose the Right One

Kitchen islands are perfect for small home spaces where space is at a premium. These islands can be great places to entertain friends and family or to prepare large meals for your guests. They add instant personality to any kitchen and, if done properly, can be an affordable addition to any kitchen remodel.


When you look for kitchen island ideas, the first thing to consider is the size of your space. Most island designs can accommodate an under-bench seating arrangement even the smallest kitchen space can accommodate a set of bar stools and an extra under-bench seating area. Alternatively, you can choose a long, square-shaped island with separate low-level seating at the other end.

For an island with seating, it’s important to keep in mind your preferences. Some island tables are made to seat more than one person, while others feature several seats. If you have limited counter space and want to minimize the space that takes up, you might want to consider an island table that has several chairs and no under-bench seating. This will create an instant focal point in your kitchen and is also a popular choice among some homeowners.


It’s also important to choose the colour of island furniture. The colours available today for kitchen island furniture range from earthy tones such as black and brown to bright pops of colour such as pastel pinks and purples. While some people choose to use a specific colour for their island tables and chairs, others prefer to mix and match different colour schemes so that the whole look is different.

kitchen island ideas

Kitchen island furniture has come a long way over the years, too. If you’re looking for an island with contemporary styling, consider some interesting table lamp designs. You can find many table lamps in neutral shades of green or grey that give your island a modern, sleek feel. Or, opt for a unique tabletop island lighting fixture with the traditional style lampshade that’s been designed to sit on top of a countertop.


If you’re interested in island tables with more rustic styling, you might consider wrought iron island tables. These tables feature a simple, round tabletop that’s surrounded by metal brackets, which make it easy to clean. Whether you need a dining set to go along with your island tables or just a simple set of island chairs, you’ll love the look of a wrought iron table that is simple in design but elegant and stylish.


Another consideration when choosing island chairs and island benches is the height of the seat. While it’s often considered important to have a set that is level with the countertop, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the lowest of the seats as a sitting area. For a casual atmosphere, a high table can be a great option. Or, if you’re going for more formal decor in your kitchen, it’s best to avoid table top island chairs that are too low to the floor.

Whatever style or colour or pattern you choose, kitchen island chairs and island benches provide a practical way to create a focal point in your kitchen. You can enjoy entertaining guests and have fun preparing food as long as you choose your kitchen island accessories carefully.

If you want to be able to adjust the height of your island chairs, you’ll need to purchase an adjustable platform footrest. This feature is often included with a set of kitchen island chairs.

If you’re going with a dining set, look for a table that features a wide, flat surface for eating out of. Otherwise, choose a more traditional style table with a straight, flat surface for the food preparation area.

When shopping for kitchen island chairs and tables, don’t forget the purpose of serving utensils. They’re not only there to beautify your home, but they also help you serve and enjoy meals.

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