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walk in shower ideas

Walk-In Shower Ideas For Your Home

Walk-In Showers are great for any home or commercial space. Here are some great ideas for walk-in showers.

Walk-In Shower Designs & Ideas

Marble Shower Master Bathtub Features a black and silver double vanity and an elegant backlit statement mirror in the bathtub. Transitional marble tile shower with black cabinets, shaker doors, white floors, slate countertops, quartz countertop and grey walls are universally styled and have no step or cur curb at the entrance.

The ceramic tile floor is covered with a plush faux wood covering to make it look more like wood than plastic. The marble bathtub and vanity are finished with a beautiful brushed nickel cabinet and mirror. The shower is also uniquely designed and has a step or cur curb at the entrance.

Walk-in Bathroom Mirror

This type of shower features a vanity with a wall-mounted mirrored glass, or can be a single shower stall with a wall-mounted mirror. The shower can be made from a variety of materials such as iron, cast iron, porcelain or acrylic.

The walk-in shower can be installed over existing bathroom vanities. This allows a single room to be transformed into a fully functional bathroom without taking over the bathroom in the basement or kitchen area. A walk-in shower can accommodate two people when it is installed over a tub.

walk in shower ideas


There are many styles and designs for walk-in showers to fit the decor of your home. The bathroom walk-in shower features an integrated vanity that takes up very little space and offers added privacy, storage or even storage underneath for towels or accessories.

Walk-in Shower Ideas: Walk-in shower designs are a versatile addition to any bathroom whether you have a small bathroom or a large one. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs to accommodate all needs.

Bathroom walk-ins are ideal for people who suffer from arthritis, glaucoma, diabetes, or any medical condition that affects their eyesight or their mobility. They provide excellent vision and mobility options as well. These shower enclosures are durable and they provide a wide range of benefits including:

Privacy and Safety

A walk-in shower gives you the privacy you need when you want it. A glass or acrylic door makes it difficult for anyone else in the bathroom to see into the bathroom or even the shower. There is no step on the door to prevent dirt and dust from entering or exiting the bathroom. There is a small drain beneath the door, so there is no need for a shower curtain or a shower tray.

Because the doors are designed with a step or curb they prevent the entry of dirt and dust when the door closes. They also protect your health because there is no splash hazard from falling debris, splashes or dripping water.

Space Saving

A walk-in shower offers greater space-saving and a smaller amount of floor area that is wasted by using a shower enclosure. The enclosure will not take up valuable floor area or a lot of space.

You do not have to replace the bathtub or vanity to install a walk-in shower. The installation of a walk-in shower involves the removal of the vanity and adding a glass door or sliding glass doors and trim.

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