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Why Polished Concrete Flooring Underrated

Hoping to renovate your home with inexpensive yet sleek flooring? If so, it would be hard to overlook polished concrete flooring. Not only is polished concreting a cost-efficient option, but it’s also becoming popular for its modern aesthetic appeal. With a multitude of benefits, such as being eco-efficient, in this article we’re going to outline exactly why you should consider installing polished concrete flooring in your future renovations.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Polished Concrete Flooring Installed?

A well-maintained, sealed and installed polished concrete floor is renowned for its durability and ability to withstand the harshest environments. Its life-time will even far exceed that of most hard floor coverings like tile, vinyl and wood laminates, which come with a relatively short life span. 

Benefits of polished concreting include its resistance to heat and stains. They resist heat because the material used is dense. Since it is durable and does not absorb oil from spilled liquids, it is suitable to be used as an outdoor floor covering. It is also easy to clean, which helps you in keeping your floor clean without having to go through frequent scrubbing.

How Can I Maintain Polished Concrete Flooring? 

Primer is added to the surface to provide a protective layer and protect it from scratches. This ensures that the floor will maintain its shiny finish and will not fade too quickly. Grinding of the surface occurs when grinding wheels of the grinding machine are used to force the material into place, creating a smooth and seamless finish. 

Some polished floors do not have a sealer and are therefore prone to air pollutants. However, if you use an excellent sealing agent, this problem can be solved. The best one is VOC-free sealant that can help you in keeping the environment clean and safe from pollutants.

Is Polished Concrete Flooring Expensive in Brisbane?

Prices of polished flooring depend on the manufacturer. You will find various types of manufacturers, such as Kettler, Bosch and Eureka. When looking for the right manufacturer, look for accreditations for both their flooring and sealants. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll obtain your desired results. The pricing of flooring fluctuates depending on its size and design. A large area floor would cost more than a smaller one as the area needs to be larger, and there is more surface area.

Maintenance costs can also differ. Because polished concreting is so durable, it is unlikely that maintenance will be required. However, repairing for cracks or damages may be expensive due to the difficulty of the task. The key determinant of the pricing of your installation or repair comes down to your selection of servicemen. If you happen to be in Brisbane, My Floor is developing a solid reputation for affordable polished concrete floors Brisbane. When you get in contact with their team, they’ll guide you through your available options and help you uncover a cost-effective solution for your future flooring renovation.

Is Polished Concrete Flooring Cold?

Ever burnt the soles of your feet on concrete pavement? Being a thermal mass material, absorbs and stores heat. If exposed to the sun, it’ll absorb the heat and slowly release it over time. Meaning, during the night your polished concreting will still be warm. Then, in the morning, it’ll start to absorb the heat again and the heat absorption cycle will start-over. 

What Are My Available Options for Polished Concrete Flooring? 

Most homeowners prefer to go in for a flooring that has a glossy finish over matte. Because the shine will reflect the light, the flooring is less likely to show signs of wear and tear.

Polished flooring is available in different textures and colours. You can choose between natural or artificial marble for the floor and various colours like beige, black and yellow for the tiles. Some homeowners choose polished concreting as a floor for their patios and porches since it is relatively easy to clean.

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